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5 TikTok Reel Ideas For Real Estate Agents


In case you’ve been in hibernation since the pandemic of 2020 the demand for homes has soared, pushing prices up to record levels. Competition is so intense that homes are scarce and selling in record time, with multiple bids and all-cash offers.

Last year, a Zillow survey showed that 36% of buyers would even purchase a property sight unseen. But despite all the desperate buyers willing to skip the in-person showing, most people still expect to see a home first.

During the height of the pandemic, real estate agents across the country discovered that the social media platform TikTok was an ideal way to safely show prospective buyers homes. Now, some are saying the video app has revolutionized the way they sell real estate — and it is here to stay.

Why Sell Real Estate on TikTok?

The hashtags on TikTok related to house hunting have gotten millions of views.

Nearly three-quarters of TikTok users spend more than an hour on the app weekly, according to Statista. The endless scroll and use of algorithms keep users hooked and coming back for more like cooked crack. It’s this format that is the true asset. “Where else in New York City could you see 10 apartments in 10 minutes other than TikTok?,”. It’s way more convenient than clicking through a bunch of images with no directions, trying to figure out what room you’re looking at.

Whiting said that, unlike other social media platforms, the popularity and consistency of TikTok hashtags like #homesforsale (24.4 million views) and #luxuryrealestate (556 million views) make it easier for him to reach people who are ready to buy.

As with all new social media, there is of course a learning curve. With six years of experience in real estate and zero knowledge of TikTok, Dallas real estate broker Joseph Felling admits it took him a few tries to find his niche on the platform.

Felling said he’s found the most success by showcasing Dallas’ low home prices relative to other major metropolitan areas in the US. More than any other platform, TikTok has allowed him to reach clientele from outside of Texas.

“I think Covid really made people experience what more there is,” said Felling. “It’s so crazy how many California buyers I have had in the past year because they’re able to sell their million-dollar property in California, move to Texas and get a much larger property for $500,000.”

He said he now gets about 75% of his leads from TikTok, and his sales have nearly quadrupled. As a result, Felling has stopped marketing his properties in print publications.

1.Create branded Real Estate AR Filters

Branded ARVRtising real estate campaign in Atlanta

TikTok AR Filters allow real estate agents to be creative when it comes to making a property stand out on a timeline. We created this branded ATL arvrtising filter for a customer in *drum roll* Atlanta, Georgia the home of gold grills.

Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without videos. This means creating videos doesn’t just offer another way to appeal to buyers, but is a necessary task if you want to reach the highest number of people.

Contact us on Telegram to launch your branded real estate TikTok AR filter campaign or email us info(@)

2.Create Virtual Real Estate To Market Your Exclusive Listings

What makes your property stand out from the other 1 million listings on MLS? Contact us to help you answer that question by creating custom virtual real estate NFTs that mirror your property listings.

Now you’re probably asking how will virtual real estate help you sell physical real estate. Incentivize a buyer to have the ability to own both the physical and virtual real estate mapped to the same address. The future of selling homes will be selling NFTs connected to a physical piece of land.

A developer in NYC purchased the first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) Office building in New York City. “Located” at 44 West 37th Street, the 4700 square meters NFT serves as an immutable digital asset that points to transforming how we design, build, operate, and monetize our spaces with only “one click”. The 16-story building was created by spatial intelligence company Integrated Projects and questions the function of architecture in Real Estate and the Metaverse.

Minted on the decentralized, open-source blockchain Ethereum, the 44W37 NFT was sold for only 1 ETH. But what are NFTs? NFTs are unique tokens issued on the blockchain that represents something that’s one of a kind. They are used primarily to sell digital products such as art or music using cryptocurrency, such as ETH or Ethereum, that work as a cryptographic medium of exchange through a computer network. Real Estate currently has two forms: A physical real estate NFT that can be made an NFT through tokenization, and a virtual real estate NFT is a piece of land within the digital realm, often referred to as the Metaverse.

Owners can create, own, transact and monetize their digital assets without the hassle of transferring property ownership. That means one sells/ buys images,3D scans, plans, virtual tours, and location reports instead of physical property. With an NFT, the transaction process is streamlined, allowing a buyer to assume ownership of a piece of real estate within minutes. In addition, “NFTs might save owners time, expense, and coordination involved in re-producing the accurate existing conditions of their physical space by painting a survey-grade picture of the building’s physical characteristics—architecture, equipment, and mechanical,” Integrated Projects said.

3.Cool TikTok Reel Videos With The Hottest Songs

Onboarding to TikTok for the first time doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create content from scratch. If you’ve created any type of video content in the past like YouTube shorts or Instagram stories, you can easily edit your existing videos to fit on TikTok. TikTok videos can be up to three minutes long, but TikTok videos that are 15 seconds or less have a 90% watch time. Less is more.

Even if you don’t already have video content, you can come up with many TikTok ideas with just a little bit of strategy of clicking on similar hashtags. You can find Reel motivation from existing content, including blogs, emails, and social media posts, and think about how you could consolidate the content from those posts into short videos.

If you still need more ideas, think about each type of individual you want to target—like residential or commercial real estate buyers or sellers, first-time homebuyers, foreclosures, expired listings, or short sales. Then write down common questions and problems they face and scroll through the “For You” page and real estate hashtags to get ideas about how you could present the information in an engaging way.

TikTok user @Stefaniekebede has many great examples of adapting content for this platform. In one short video, she gives her audience five things they need before buying a house. This information could have easily come from a long-form blog post or live video training, but she compiled it into a 15-second video that got over 116,000 views.

TikTok real estate video for first-time homebuyers from @Stefaniekebede

4. TikTok Reel Estate Leads

TikTok has surpassed Google as the largest search engine in the world, second to Instagram. Running Google ads is no longer the main priority for generating PPC leads. TikTok allows you to put one link on your profile, and it’s front and center for anyone who clicks on your name and views your profile. An ideal way to use this spot is to link to your website or a landing page.

The short, attention-grabbing nature of TikTok content has reached over 37 million users and is forecasted to increase until at least 2025, but it doesn’t have to stop with TikTok. Every time you invest your time and effort into marketing your real estate business, it’s important to get as much mileage as possible out of it. Share your TikTok real estate videos on other platforms, like Instagram reels and/or stories, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook posts, and even Facebook real estate ads.

  • Snapchat: Snapchat is a visual platform with images that only last 24 hours and can be shared with groups or between individuals. This is a great platform if you want to connect with younger millennials or Gen Z homebuyers in particular.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a highly visual platform, and its addition of (video) reels made it TikTok’s biggest competitor. Repurpose all of your TikToks as reels to engage your audience day in and day out in your Instagram feed and Stories.
  • Facebook: Facebook is still the largest social media platform, and it’s used by every age group. Upload your TikTok videos directly to Facebook for extra exposure.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is created for professionals to create and nurture business connections. If you want to target young professionals or work in commercial real estate, then upload your TikTok videos to LinkedIn for lead generation.

5. Use Trending TikTok Real Estate Hashtags

TikTok hashtags work like Instagram hashtags. Hashtags tell the TikTok algorithm what your content is about so your video can be shown to people who are interested in relevant topics. To find popular and relevant TikTok residential or commercial real estate hashtags, go to the “Discover” page within the app and search for real estate-related topics. Look at the people who are successful in real estate and take note of the hashtags they use.

For example, @vanesaaragonrealtor adds a few general hashtags to each of her videos, like #realestatetips and #realestate. Since she’s creating content for buyers in Arizona, she also frequently uses #homebuyer and #arizona to help her get in front of a targeted audience. Use hashtags with varying levels of popularity. You have a much better chance of being found through real estate hashtags that have under 100,000 views, whereas hashtags with billions of views might just bury your video too quickly.

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What is ARVRtising?

What is ARVRtising?

Web 2 digital marketing advertising has evolved to ARVRtising which is the combination of AR VR NFTs used to market a Metabiz to a Web 2 / Web 3 Gen Z audience. ARVRtising tokenized this definition as a LUV NFT here so that own this 1 of 1 unique marketing concept.

The traditional advertising methods of running a TV commercial, Google or Facebook ad campaign to reach the Gen Z audience doesn’t any longer. Because Gen Z is most likely scrolling on social media app looking for a new update from an influencer their parents never heard of.

TikTok is the new Google and the biggest social media rival in 2022.

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan

Because brands looking to connect with younger audiences, and maximize their discovery opportunities. After the recent cookies update with companies like Google not being able to track users, social media apps have more leverage for attention marketing than ever. 

Do you have a TikTok SEO plan in place? Should you?

TikTok as a search engine isn’t a new concept, a majority of users aka “Google” a topic within the app.

Back in 2019, investment firm Andreesen Horowitz highlighted the potential of TikTok as a search engine, based on how Chinese users were evolving their use of Douyin, the Chinese version of the app.

As per AH:

“Since many Douyin videos are geo-tagged and automatically categorized into buckets – restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, culture, entertainment, shopping, exercise – users can browse them to find interesting places to visit and things to do. Businesses are also able to attract new customers by supplementing Douyin with basic information, waitlist support, and coupons.”

Douyin has become an eCommerce powerhouse in China, and parent company ByteDance has been pushing to transform TikTok along the same lines in western markets.

But Raghavan’s comments do point to discovery, in particular, being a significant opportunity, and with more and more young users referring to TikTok clips to discover the latest trends and products, that should be on the radar of all brands, as a potential avenue to reaching new audiences, and maximizing interest online.

TThis tweet by @ikeko__ is commonly shared with all social media users, and TikTok is capitalizing off this better than any social media app.  TikTok is also leaning into local discovery, with a range of new features such , aside from its main eCommerce push.

According to data from Cloudflare, overtook Google as the most visited domain in the world in 2021 and numbers don’t lie, in regards to TikTok being a key destination for discovery in 2022.

As per Mashable:

People are sick of the Google recipe algorithm that prioritizes obscure search engine optimized blogs. It’s been a running joke on the internet that in order to read a recipe you have to get through the blogger’s entire life story, but this is actually deterring the young people I talked to from searching for recipes on Google. Because a TikTok has to quickly grab your attention, recipe videos on the platform are to the point, putting the focus on the food, not the creator.”

That could apply to more than just recipe sites, and with a recent survey also finding that TikTok is the fastest growing news source for users aged 16 to 24, the broader trend is clear.

So should you be developing a TikTok SEO strategy? It may seem unusual, but the stats don’t lie, and the insights here do suggest that product discovery is rising in the app, which is the fastest-growing social platform in the world at present.

The universal law of a successful marketing campaign is as follows

“If your kids don’t think a marketing campaign is cool, it’s a bad idea” Hahz Terry co-founder of LUV NFT. 

Gen Z use TikTok clips that includes AR filters to discover the latest trends, products and NFTs, that should be on the radar of all brands, as a potential ARVRtising channel to reaching new audiences.

99 Web2 Marketing Problems

Running Google and Facebook ads isn’t enough with TikTok being the biggest search engine in 2022. Web2 PPC marketing is has a lot of flaws in comparison to Web3 marketing using custom AR filters in conjunction with NFT technology.

The problems with PPC ad marketing strategy is: 

👉 Your hiring on the front end based on trusting proven growth and sales in 30 days on the backend. When a company’s expectations aren’t met they no longer trust the marketer agency can fulfill their demands or meet their expectations. 

👉 CPC (Cost per click) rates change daily based on bidding. Your projected marketing spend can potentially increase outside of your initial budget which will offset your ROI (Return of investment). 

👉 Marketing agencies sell companies on why they’re the best to hire with reviews, trusted partner logos and case studies. The problem with this blueprint is that all of these methods have no third party verification protocol. 

Another go to marketing formula for brands on Web 2 social media is paying influencers to market their products. 

The only issue with this marketing strategy is: 

👉 Influencers can’t guarantee the outcome of their promotions to properly negotiate a fair offer. This results in a brand overpaying in the event of the promotional post not missing the mark. 

ARVRtising Web2 Marketing Solution

Global internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media, although trends differ widely by country, a Global Web Index surveyed study finds. Nigeria spends the longest time per day connected to social media sites, with the average user signed in for 4 hours and 7 minutes. Until now no one has figured out how to help social media users monetize their time spent online. ARVRtising and LUV NFT created a new Web3 that solves the 99 Web2 marketing problems and creates a pandemic relief solution for social media users. Upon a partnership with brand seeking marketing we pay participants who utilize our branded AR filters and meet the specific LUV bounty requirements per the CPF (Cost per filter) campaign. LUV NFT will tokenize the best filter influencer use cases as an NFT and the brand will buy the NFT which which pay the influencer directly. Upon paying for the LUV NFT the brand now has ownership of the ARVRtising NFT and can use it in their account or any commercial use case. This solves the mystery of paying before seeing proven analytics on the front end.

– You pay on the backend. By buying the best social media marketing content in the form of a LUV NFT that can used for your social media content or PPC advertising. 

– CPF (Cost per filter) rates – Your CPF rates are paid in $LUV via airdrop to each user that posts your branded filter. 

Verified Web3 Marketing Services

ARVRtising will work with LUV NFT to verify influencers, brands and analytics in the form of an NFT.